First, we examine is the effect of the tuning curve width on the tilt illusion. Tuning curves widths vary widely in vivo [3]. Although changes in tuning curve width due to center-surround interactions have been shown to potentially contribute to the tilt illusion [2,4], how the tuning curve width itself affects the illusion is less well understood.


av TB Schön · 2006 · Citerat av 86 — In augmented reality, the estimates of the camera's position and orientation are estimate of the road curvature during an exit phase of a curve is illustrated in sign variables, which serve as tuning knobs in finding the best gain matrix for a 

The variability in estimation of preferred orientation is dependent upon both biological and methodological sources. This study covers methodology variability. Three different procedures for calculating the central tendency of tuning curves were evaluated on the same data sets. 1. Vision Res. 1979;19(12):1389-94. The orientation tuning curve: variability of preferred orientation due to methodology. Scobey RP, Gabor AJ. Psychology Definition of TUNING CURVE: a graph of neuronal reaction as an operation of a ongoing stimulant attribute, like wavelength,, orientation, or frequency.

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3526 results — My research has three orientations. The first concerns overall theoretical and political-philosophical questions about the modern project,  The OBTi (Objective Based Tuning Interface), visible on the 4.3 inch colour TFT increase of more than 10% across the entire curve with respect to the 1000 cc The particular positioning and orientation of the inertial platform that governs  Principal stress magnitudes are a function of depth, and orientation is is a stability problem, the back-analyses generally focus on tuning rock mass strength Pull load – deformation curves of three cone bolts with cement grout, 28 days. av T Morosinotto — their orientation or coupling to other pigments. In the Soret The sigmoidal fit of the curves (Figure 6) indicated curve, and the denaturation temperature determinate as T1/2. in the Qy band where Chl chromophores exhibit fine tuning of.

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8(5), pages 1-8, May. to the optimal orientation is visible in neurons (b)and(e). Mexican-hat tuning curves are present in the neurons (c), (d), and (e). This time evolution of the tuning curve shape is believed to be a result of the dynamic competition between cortical excitation and inhibition (Nelson and Frost 1978; Sillito et al.

Orientation tuning curve

Spatial frequency (SF) and orientation tuning are intrinsic properties of neurons in primary visual cortex (area V1). To investigate the neural mechanisms mediating selectivity in the awake animal, we measured the temporal dynamics of SF and orientation tuning. We adapted a high-speed reverse-correlation method previously used to characterize orientation tuning dynamics in anesthetized animals

Downloadable! In frontalized mammals it has been demonstrated that adaptation produces shift of the peak of the orientation tuning curve of neuron following frequent or lengthier presentation of a non-preferred stimulus.

used in​  Processing temporal modulations in binaural and monaural auditory stimuli by neurons in the inferior colliculus and auditory cortex The upper limits of  av JH Orkisz · 2019 · Citerat av 15 — the orientation of the magnetic field in Orion B. The Stokes I,. Q, U maps were match the definition of what a filament should be: curvature. (Appendix B.2.2) tent manner in which the tuning of the detection parameters was done, be it for the  compass orientation in songbirds", Ecology and Evolution, 6(19): 6930-6942, 2016. Michael Felsberg, "Extending Graph-Cut to Continuous Value Domain  Robust Curve Detection Using a Radon Transform in Orientation Space .
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Orientation tuning curve

Neuronal tuning refers to the hypothesized property of brain cells by which they selectively represent a particular type of sensory, association, motor, or cognitive information. Some neuronal responses have been hypothesized to be optimally tuned to specific patterns through experience. [1] Orientation Tuning Curve The data associated with one specific feature detector from PSYCO 367 at University of Alberta 2007-10-15 · To model the orientation tuning of each cell, we assumed that the neuron's response at each moment in time following the presentation of a particular stimulus orientation can be characterized by a circular Gaussian (CG) tuning curve, where the parameters of this Gaussian curve change as a function of the time lag after stimulus presentation.

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12 Mar 2008 ates an orientation tuning curve (Figure 1B). A Gaussian fit to each tuning curve provides an estimate of the preferred orienta- tion, q0, and 

Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your  Fig. 1ad. Four orientation tuning curves, chosen at random from the complete set of 63 used for analysis, together with examples of best fitting model functions  5 Apr 2012 They looked at the direction, orientation and spatial frequency tuning of The tuning curves of inhibitory neurons closely matched that of the  Image: orientation tuning curve. center-surround organization like simple cells, respond best to bars of a particular orientation.

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Orientation tuning curves are established quantitatively by use of the first harmonic response to gratings at optimal spatial frequencies and a drift rate of 2 Hz. To do this, gratings are presented monocularly at seven or more orientations in 10° to 15° increments on both sides of the preferred orientation.

35. 4.